Parent Education

Parenting with Purpose by Phoenix A. Muhammad

Written and developed by professor of social and behavioral sciences and licensed marriage and family therapist Phoenix A. Muhammad, the Parenting with Purpose Parent Education Program is a receptive, solution-focused, non-judgmental environment for parents mandated to parenting classes by the court or their city or state-based child welfare agency. At the close of each client’s cycle, they will have gained college-level knowledge, making way for a transformative experience.
Since its inception in 2014, Parenting with Purpose has maintained a 100% success rate. That is, every parent who has completed the course has had their child/ren returned to their care. Every parent.
Our Parenting with Purpose education program is not merely a self-directed on-line program that autogenerates a certificate. Our parent educators conduct lively interactive classes. In addition to your certificate of completion, all parents will receive progress letters ahead of each court appearance highlighting their individual progress and successes in their classes.
All classes are virtual and open to parents nation-wide.
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